Saturday, 4 April 2009

Why do people fall for these?

An unknown benefactor has just e-mailed me from the Republic of Benin in West Africa.

Good Day, I wonder why I did not hear from you for your $1.2 Million, which is your own share after the sucess of our business. Is it because the money is small or what? I have deposited it with UPS COURIER COMPANY BENIN REPUBLIC IN WEST AFRICA as package box.note that UPS Do not know the content.

He then gives me an e-mail address to contact the UPS Managing Director PASCAL EZEH, and that he has paid the delivery and registration fee for me, and is leaving for London tomorrow.

All I have to do is provide them with YOUR FULL NAME YOUR CURRENT HOME ADRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE YOUR CONUTRY YOUR AGE YOUR OCCUPATION and send them is their security keeping fee of $98 as soon as you have contacted them ok.
Dr William Udoh.

Well, Dr. Udoh, what a load of crap. And you can't spell. Go swivel.


  1. I get this by way of SPAM sometimes too. They often claim I have inherited someone... Trouble is, this doesn't work with me.

    For there is nobody in Nigeria or elsewhere with the same name as me ;=)

  2. Just a word of advice ... if you want to find a picture of an equine animal such as illustrates this post, do a Google Image search for "donkey". It is not advisable for tose of a sensitive nature to search for images of "ass" !