Monday, 11 February 2008

Film in real life

In the wonderful film "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", the Governor of that fine State has a great song all about letting people think he's saying something, when in reality he says absolutely nothing of any importance. One of the media reporters is asked by a colleague, "What did he say?" and gives the reply, "As usual, not a damn thing."

I feel a bit the same having read the address our Archbishop gave to today's meeting of the General Synod. (The full text can be read at -Mad Priest's blog ) I see the words, but I don't understand them. Another blogger has asked if the Archbishop is incapable of talking straight to the point, or if he always has to go round the houses? I think the answer is that he doesn't understand any other way of presenting his position or arguement. As an academic he uses the academic process. What we need is a pastor who speaks in the terminology and phraseology of the common people. Then we might be able to follow the thinking. As it stands, I switch off, and if I can't be bothered to struggle with this, what hope have others who have had no theological training? (That sounds a bit patronising, as if I, as a cleric, am better able, or should be better able to follow theological thought. I don't think that at all, but too often clergy fall into the trap of speaking and preaching in styles that just do not connect with the person in the pew.)

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