Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Just a wafer-thin mint?

Shrove Tuesday, and I've just eaten 6 pancakes, five with Golden Syrup and one with sugar and lemon ....

... God, I'm stuffed ....


Get the hose and the cleaning lady ...


  1. My kids just trowelled on Nutella. How is that a Shrove Tuesday tradition?

  2. Practically perfect in every way - so long as they give up chocolate for Lent ......

  3. Yes - giving up chocolate for Lent, as I have. Already the tempter tries to deflect me from the Lenten path. Buying my morning coffee at the bakery, the bowls of 'tasters' were out - pieces of broken chocolate chip cookies and cubes of rich chocolate sponge cake ..... I walked out tempted but yet undefiled.

    Two years ago I gave up gin for Lent. That was so easy compared to this!

  4. Two years ago I gave up coffee. Not being a tea-drinker I found the lack of a suitable substitute quite difficult.

    This year I intend not to buy any DVD's during the Lenten Fast.

    Perhaps I ought to extend that to e-bay as well!