Monday, 4 February 2008

Service Pack 2

The last time I tried to install Microsoft Service Pack 2 on my computer, almost two years ago, it screwed up my Internet connection, so I removed it. I have held off re-installing it until this evening when I thought I'd give it another shot. So far, so good. I can still connect, as evidenced by this Post, and all seems to be working well. Now I shall try to update my Internet Explorer from version 6 to 7 with its added security measures.

It's a bit like my Sunday routine with a 9.45 a.m. service followed by an 11.15 a.m. one. By the time the first is over and I'm driving off to the second venue, I wonder if I will get it right this time, or if my sermon delivery will be better, or if I will manage to concentrate all the way through the Eucharistic Prayer without my mind wandering off to building problems, deaths of parishioners, upcoming meetings, faculty applications and the like.

If I could upload a mental Service Pack 2 that kept me fresh and aware that for those subjected to my second "performance" this is their first/one and only act of worship on this day, it might be better for all concerned.

But then the whole system might crash ......

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