Thursday, 14 February 2008

I wish I'd said that

I get my copy of the "Church Times" a couple of days late since it is kindly passed on to me by someone else, hence it is only today that I have read the 8th February issue.

Giles Fraser hits the nail square on the head in his comments about the forthcoming Lambeth Conference. I have no hesitation in putting up the link to the article and declaring that I wish I'd said it.


  1. “Gene Robinson has not been invited to the Lambeth Conference. It is proving extremely difficult to see under what heading he might be invited to be around,” said the Archbishop of Canterbury....

    Early on, I had an answer for the ABC, too, and - lo! - it was the same as Giles Fraser. Great minds....

    When I saw that quote from the ABC, I could hardly believe what I was reading.