Friday, 19 June 2009

Another offer

This morning an e-mail offered me

"Heal for your woody tralucent phasma symphonizing vertebration."


Suggestions on a postcard please.


  1. The answer will be revealed to you instantly.

    You will be delighted by the answer and it will make you a very very rich and popular man!

    I will tell you the answer just as soon as you have transfered $ 1243 into my bank account.

  2. OK, 10% off because it's you and because I can see that you are genuine and sincere.

  3. Take your woody tralucent phasma symphonizing vertebration and stick it!

  4. I can tell when I've been shredded!

    I shall visit again next time you switch on your emails, but you will not recognise me because I shall have a completely different profile and I will invite you to a completely different sca.... eh... opportunity.

    We'll meet again!