Friday, 5 June 2009

They get better!

In my Inbox this morning ....


How are you today?

This email was not sent to you by error please get back to me immediately.

On the debt liquidation file of the United Nations, I saw your email for UNPAID SUM OF $5MILLION that has been approved and endorsed by the Federal Minister Of Finance on the ongoing debt settlement scheme. I am very courageous to inform you about this because I believe you have no idea of this fund.

I will assist you in claiming this money. However, you will pay me 30% for the services rendered on conclusion of this transaction. I am a legal attorney to the Post Bank Plc and I will help you to file in a payment application and process your papers until the fund hits your account but you will write an agreement with me that you will pay me 30% on completion of this claim.

If you are ready to claim your fund, please get back to me and I will give you more details and how we can proceed. I assure you, your fund will get to your acount in no distant time as the British Government is in charge of your payment now.


Mr. Edward Godspeed
Second Floor 47 Fleet Street.

Isn't that wonderful? It made me chuckle.


  1. I'm sticking close to you just in case it is genuine. You may need a companion.

  2. You find your own "gravy train" you sponger!