Thursday, 25 June 2009

Oh bu**er

Here we go again ..... I've been using an anti-virus program with no problems for about 5 years. I have updated it successfully before. This afternoon I downloaded a new version and went through the installation process and rebooted. Aaaaaaagh! Screen blank! Then it's continually busy! After much effing and blinding I have managed to restore the system to an earlier point today and it's up and running again. I am now trying for a second time to install the new version of the anti-virus program.

I am not looking at the main computer. It is behind me. It has just gone "ding". Dare I turn round?


  1. Are you running the dreaded Vista? I have it on the PCs at home and the office - I've lost count of the times when I have had to re-boot to a previous point. I had another blue screen only this morning!

  2. I've had Vista for about a year now without any real problems. And this isn't a Windows problem but a software one.

  3. I use Vista with no problems. Some of the big-name anti-virus programs are crap, and some of those that were once reliable are now no longer reliable.