Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Political Correctness Police strike again

I have just learned of someone who, when she referred to herself on a self-assessment form as the "black sheep" of the family, was given a very hard time by the panel and told that her use of such a racist phrase raised questions about her suitability for the post she was seeking.

What utter crap. Every Spring there are black lambs to be seen in our fields gambolling with the more numerous white ones. It signifies the member of the family who is perhaps "out of step" with the rest, who maybe makes an unexpected choice of career or partner which the rest of the family find difficult. It's a phrase of long-standing and part of our language. It's not a racist statement. Are we also to do away with words like "black humour" and "blacklist"?

She was also told not to ask for a black coffee. It had to be coffee without milk.


These CP police wouldn't care for my front door. It's painted a very dark shade of no milk. I also wear no milk coloured shirts as part of my uniform.

This is getting ridiculous.

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  1. I think the panel's reaction to the phrase "black sheep" shows their deep seated prejudice towards and ignorance of people who live in rural areas. I think this obvious bigotry raises questions about their suitability to be on a selection panel.