Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Frugal living

I do sometimes wonder how I manage to survive on such meagre fare ....

A small piece of fillet steak, one tomato (halved and seared), some chips, a slice of bread and butter, and a bistro salad (leaves and shredded beetroot) tossed in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Washed down with a small glass of a very nice 2004 vintage Bordeaux. Ho hum. It feels like Lent all over again.


  1. Well, it looks good to me! I haven't had a steak yet this year. I did have grilled trout for lunch w/steamed veg, tortillas, and salad. No wine. I think we're just about even.

  2. I very rarely (no pun intended) buy steak, and hardly ever fillet, but thought I'd treat myself. It was superb! Every piece tender and ... hmm, I'm salivating again. Nurse! Bring the mop!

  3. What a shame you couldn't get the pudding on the tray too.