Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This year's record

The AGM's of the parishes are now over and done. Not a single member of the public turned up to any of the 10 parish meetings, nor any member of the church electoral rolls, so it was left to the PCC members to hold their own AGM's. Because of this they were simply a formality, and slowly everyone is getting the idea that if their Reports are printed out and circulated, then they can be read beforehand and we don't have to read them out in the meeting. This cuts down the time needed to get through the standard Agenda.

In the urban parishes of my previous post the AGM's could take a couple of hours. Last year's record down here in these rural surroundings was 17.5 minutes, and this year even that was beaten. The new record for both the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (to elect the churchwardens) and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (to receive reports on the past year's activities, adopt the financial accounts, and elect members of the PCC) took exactly 10 minutes.

I don't think we'll beat that. (We all went off to the local pub for a meal afterwards!)

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