Thursday, 6 May 2010

Making my mark

I have exercised my democratic right. Not that our voting system is as anonymous as we are popularly led to believe. The booth might be enclosed, and you can make your mark in private, but your voting paper has a number on it that correlates to your entry on the Electoral Roll, so it could be possible to trackback and find out exactly how everyone has voted. In a country where we don't (yet?) have a dictatorship, police state or paranoid government, that's not really an issue, but under different political circumstances it could be, as it already is in some other nations.


  1. Good luck with the election! Read the observation in today's Guardian that "Voting Conservative because you're angry with Labour is like sawing your balls off because your trousers are too tight" .

  2. Ah, but some might choose to become a eunuch rather than be continually violated.