Monday, 19 May 2008

Fare Thee Well

Fellow blogger, Hamptons Ramblings, has decided to quit the blogosphere as an author. He will still be annoying us with pithy comments and observations, albeit as a reader rather than a writer.

Damn. I shall miss the reports of evening meals, visits to local restaurants, descriptions of items for sale along the roadside, and diaries of long walks along the Long Island sands.


  1. SR, it's good of you to fill us in. I was a-wonderin'. Gone - suddenly gone. I hope he didn't rouse the ire of his bishop, or anything like that.

    I will miss the reports from his rural island setting, too. I'm glad he'll still be round, nipping at our heels when the need arises.

  2. I am merely "resting!" The blog may return in the autumn!

  3. Have a good "rest" then, RR. Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Is it an ego thing? Is it for venting? I'm not under any illusion that I have influence.

    The one benefit I'm sure about about it is that I've met many good people in real and virtual life through the blog.