Monday, 19 May 2008

Green grow the ...

... well, everything really.

After the warmth of last week, and then the showers of the last couple of days, nature is rapidly taking over. It's just as well that it's the day for my gardener, but I think he might need his scythe rather than mower to tackle the state of the lawn.

I'm supposed to have it ready for croquet this coming weekend! Anyone got any sheep they'd like to graze?


  1. One look at your lawn would send Grandpère to his fainting couch. He's scrupulous about keeping the grass mowed.

    I bought a croquet set a few years ago, but we have never used it. It's seems like so much trouble to put the wickets in place that we've never got around to playing.

  2. Ah, but it's such an evil game. There are the photographs of demure Victorian ladies tapping the ball with their mallets, when in reality there are cries of "You Ba***rd!" as someone roquets your ball off into the undergrowth, or sends it down the village street! And you can really pick on someone as well!

  3. SR, I assure you that if my family ever got to play, the game would not be demure.