Monday, 26 May 2008

Perfect weather

Saturday was a beautiful day, with hot sunshine and cloudless skies, all of which proved a perfect setting for the croquet matches that took place on my recently-mown lawn. The grass may have been short enough, but the ground is anything but level, making it quite a game of chance as well as skill to hit the ball through the hoops. The regular golf players certainly had an advantage, and were able to make long shots with considerable accuracy.

Here, a roquet is just about to be gained, as the white ball hammers into the black. Some of these shots sent the victim's ball hurtling into the bushes, and on a couple of occasions, out into the road, from where it had to be played!


  1. It's also my kind of croquet - even if I do have to apologise to the neighbours for the language! I don't think I could cope with playing on a professional surface with people who took it seriously.

    And the white ball in the photo is actually a yellow ball ... I don't know why I put white, there isn't even a white ball in the set!

  2. It sounds like a pretty wild game, SR. If I set up my wickets and we all played, including my grandchildren, I wonder if someone would end up with a conk on the head from a ball.

    My son-in-law and one of my grandsons play golf, so they'd probably put the rest of us to shame. Playing croquet is a lot harder than it appears when you're just watching.

  3. I hear it will be an olympic sport in China. Are you in Team G.B?