Saturday, 3 May 2008

Grounds for celebration?

Another monthly Coffee Morning bites the proverbial dust. A busy on ethis time, with 21 people clustered in my kitchen and hallway, plus 3 young army cadets on a long-distance training walk who called in for sugary drinks and snacks! Total profit, another £100 for our Benefice funds, and when I looked at the sales table beforehand, I didn't think there was a lot there. All the home-made cakes and biscuits sold, as well as all my marmalade (made with a slug of Calvados this time!), plus lots of other bits that arrived with each guest. Even the urn of coffee almost ran out - we used a ready-ground Rich Italian blend this time, and it was quite pleasant - no rough edges.

A fairly "normal" Sunday tomorrow, after Rogation and before Pentecost, even though it gets billed at "Sunday after the Ascension", and the Ascension theme is kept. All is ready, and I've been trying to sort out my letter trays tonight, which were crammed full. They look better now, and don't give me a feeling of pressure when I look at them.

Yesterday I ordered Bishop Gene Robinson's book "In the eye of the storm" from Church House Bookshop in London, and it arrived this lunchtime. I was fortunate to get one of their few signed copies, and I'm looking forward to reading it. It will be good to learn how he sees the situation.

Although it's only coming up to 10.00 p.m. here, I'm sitting at the computer yawning merrily, so I think I shall get an early night. Perhaps a mug of hot chocolate to take upstairs ....


  1. Sunday: 14.54 p.m.
    Don't know yet. Give me a chance - I've a pile of reading I'm slowly working my way through, but with the lack of a Sunday crossword, and anything decent on TV, I may get a chance to sit down and peruse it later - after the roast lamb Sunday lunch!

  2. I must order my own copy. Last year (or was it the year before?) I was given and read Going to Heaven: The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson which was excellent, if a little journalistic in tone.

  3. SR, I'm pleased that you made a few pence towards you Benefice funds. I'll bet your marmalade with Calvados is delicious. I drank that once in Normandy, as it was pressed upon us after dinner (I believe). It's strong stuff. I wasn't mad about it, but a little in marmalade would be fine. Gonna have to buy Gene's book. So many books - so little time.

    Boula! That was my word verification.

  4. The best thing that was "pressed upon me" in France, as the Rural Rector may recall, was a small glass of crystal-clear prune eau-de-vie, distilled with the skins of the fruit after the juice has been extracted. Absolutely lethal! Wouldn't be able to put that in my marmalade!

  5. Yes I do remember that eau de vie! I believe that I was driving that day!

  6. On the subject of using interesting ingredients in cooking: There is that wonderful description in (your dear friend) Ruth Silvestre's first book of Claudette and Grandma making une tortiere, infusing the apples with eau de vie and rum.

    "The pastry melted in the mouth, and the interior was soft, sweet and extremely alcoholic." It was to be followed by digestifs.