Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dorset coastline

Wednesday last saw me driving from Taunton down into West Dorset. I had forgotten how narrow the lanes are off the main highways, and how little view there is with their high hedges, so that every corner is blind, and passing places infrequent. I pulled off as I neared my destination and had a sandwich.

Thursday, and a trip down to Sidmouth to look at a postcard shop (disappointing - though I bought a few oddments to go in the albums), try and buy a bathroom clock (I ended up with one for the outside of the house!) and take a walk along the seafront.

Sunny and warm, it was a delightful outing, and rounded off with a visit to a superb farm shop at nearby Kidlington where the proprietor travels across to France and brings back a variety of goods and condiments. I bought things I usually only see in the Aquitaine, and they now reside in my home pantry, waiting for the right occasion.

As I left on Friday morning, and due to extensive roadworks in the village that have closed the main street, I drove westwards, and passed Pilsdon Pen. I stopped here for a final view of the coastline across the Marshwood Vale, of Lewesdon Hill, and the Pen itself.

Wonderful countryside, and on a fine Autumnal morning, England at its best.

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