Friday, 31 October 2008

Things that go bump in the night

'Tis the Feast of the Great Pumpkin!


  1. Absolutely, DP. And I've found that promoting any parish's celebrations on this night or weekend as "The Feast of the Great Pumpkin" does away with all the (primarily) evangelical protests about the church supporting the evis of Halloween.

  2. Do you get trick-or-treaters in rural NW Suffolk?

  3. Being in a small village it's only one group of local children that come round. I wasn't in this year, so I left a bowl of sweets outside the door with a note saying "Help Yourselves". They did. It was empty when I got back.

    It's also relatively quiet for fireworks as well. We've had a few going off tonight from the community party in the Village Hall, but they're not banging and crashing for most of October beforehand.

    Rural isolation has its advantages.