Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday trading

Well, whatever the variety, the apples now have a future. I have just made an arrangement with a local apple press to trade my crop for some bottles of juice - made from my own apples! Far better than leaving them just to drop and then carting them over to the farm for the horses to eat. Maybe there'll still be a few for them, but within a week or two the owner of the press will come and strip both the trees. Bad luck for the birds this winter as well. They usually flock to the windfalls as the colder weather arrives. I'll have to provide some sort of alternative for them. Still it will be fun to have my own variety of juice sitting in the fridge.

And he tells me that they are definitely NOT "Beauty of Bath". Too late - they are over by July, and these ones can hang on the tree well into January!

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