Monday, 13 October 2008

Modern Technology

I sometimes think that I'm still living in the Dark Ages .... here I am, sitting in the open air at the Sedgemoor M5 Services in Somerset, accessing the Internet on a free W-fi connection provided by Road Chef. It strikes me as amazing that I can do this. The traffic is roaring past, school parties are noisily getting back onto their coaches, and pensioners on Mystery Trips are stocking up on tea and cake.

I spent a really comfortable night at the Holiday Inn hotel at Oxford (just off the Peartree Roundabout). It could have done with better direction signs, and I only found it by following the notices for the Travelodge, but the room was large and comfortable, the swimming pool virtually deserted, and the evening meal a feast, though my wallet is now somewhat lighter! Then there was another swim before breakfast, and a drive off westwards through the morning mist.

I called in at the Prinknash monastery, only to find that despite signs that the monastery was "Open all winter", the shop was closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and the chapel only open at times of prayer services. Not very welcoming to the visitor.

Then to Weston-in-Gordano and the village church founded by my ancestors. Photographs to follow!

So, having used the Road Chef internet access, and the fact that there's drizzle in the air, I suppose I'd better buy a coffee and a nibble before I head on to Taunton.

More bulletins later!

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  1. I haven't tried out my new laptop away from home yet. All of the internet still seems like a miracle to me.

    At least they let you in and gave you a room at the Holiday Inn.

    I'd love to ride through the English countryside and stop to visit old churches on the way, especially the small ones. We've never felt confident enough to drive on the "wrong" side of the road while we were in England.