Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First days of autumn break

Harvest Festival in my village of residence this last Sunday, and so the morning service was followed by lunch in the Village Hall. But what weather! Torrential rain for most of the day, the northerly direction of the wind forcing water through the leak in the garage roof. The Diocese knows about this but as yet have not made any arrangements to repair it. I shall remind them.

The crop of apples this year continues to amaze. Laden, the trees receive no care from me at all - no spraying or pruning - and as one has a hollow trunk I don't quite see where it gets all its energy from. And the fruit is almost without blemish. Last year they were badly marked and scabby, but this year they are shiny and fresh. I don't know the variety. One tree has obviously had a graft in the distant past as it produces two different varieties. The other is a single, and diffferent again.

All are eating apples, and they have firm texture, are juicy, and with a slight tang. A large box went to the church for decoration. I sold some at my regular Coffee morning, and now it's a case of picking up the windfalls, storing some, and giving the others away - either on the roadside, or letting the farm have them for their horses.


  1. What variety of apples are those pictured?

  2. I wish I knew. I suspect they are old varieties because of the age of the tree.

  3. I think the top ones in the pile are Gala.

  4. Possible, but I suspect they are an older variety than that. Of the two types from the same tree, the second is much softer in colour, almost a watercolour is the best way of describing it. Very pink. Like a "Pink Lady", but it's not as the flesh has no tint at all.
    The age of the trees makes me think they are varieties that are no longer commercially available.

  5. I showed the photo to a friend of mine who grows apples and he suggested that they resemble Macoun apples, but since they are rare in the UK these are perhaps a form of Permain apple, or else (and here he was hopeful!) a "Beauty of Bath."

  6. Ah - now somebody over here said "Beauty of Bath" .....
    (see further pictures on new post)