Friday, 27 March 2009

Heading North

A swift trip to Leeds for a lunchtime meeting tomorrow. Journey by rail started at Norwich station at 12.57.

Then a change at Grantham - which according to my rail network map, doesn't connect anywhere!

Then arrival at Leeds, some helpful information from the Tourist desk in the station, and a short 15 minute walk to the Ibis Hotel.

I did consider having my evening meal here, but it was as dead as the proverbial dodo in the restaurant area, and the lights of "tgiFriday's" were shining from over the road, so skirting the hurtling traffic I dined on a very good steak with peppercorn sauce, fries and seasonal veg - and the broccoli was still hot on the plate, which is something I can never manage at home. Washed down with a large glass of Merlot.

No starter and no dessert, but back for a coffee in my room.

I like the Ibis chain - straightforward, clean and comfortable. What else can one want on a night in an unknown city?

(Answers on a postcard please ....)


  1. What? No photo of steak with peppercorn sauce?

  2. Don't tempt me Mr Bloggy. Well, maybe a wafer-thin mint.