Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Stormy weather

It's a rough old night out there - the wind howling in the chimneys, rattling against the windows, and generally making itself felt. It was in weather such as this that I used to love going along the Undercliff Walk from Brighton to Rottingdean. The picture, copied from the Flickr photo site, shows the waves battering the cliffs below Roedean School (from whose flagpole a pair of y-fronts were hung during Rag Week 1969 - not me officer ...). The horizontal line along the bottom of the cliff is the Walk, the huge concrete edging showing, the blocks curved to try and direct the force of the water back out to the sea. They didn't always work, and after major storms quite a number would be found pushed out of place by the force of the waves. It was often a very wet and adventurous stroll. The Health & Safety brigade would not be amused, but it was fun.

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