Friday, 13 March 2009

Update late

I really should have posted before this, but it's been a busy 7 days or so now that Lent has started. Parish work has kept me occupied - as in previous years I am cooking and hosting a weekly Lent lunch, then having a Lent group the following night - so last week there was Lent Lunch on Wednesday, post-communion "breakfast on Thursday, with the Lent group in the evening, and then two funerals on Friday followed by my monthly Coffee morning on Saturday. Add to that the death of one of our Benefice Readers (not unexpected) and a funeral-planning visit to another parishioner, I have had little spare time. This week the same Lent events, plus I have to get the Benefice magazine compiled and off to the printers, the main work for which I have started today.

So, it is now just on 8.00 p.m. The salmon fillet is cooking, the carrots boiling, and the microwave has just signalled that it has finished "nuking" a potato. So I am going to abandon this machine for a while, sit down, eat, and watch a film.

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