Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's almost here! Aaaachoo! (oink!)

Well, Swine Flu has reached Bungay, just 3 miles away. Only a matter of time now ...

Have just received an e-mail from the Diocese telling the clergy that advice about "suspension of the chalice" during this pandemic will be issued by the Bishop later today. No big deal really. Quite simple to intinct the wafers with the wine as I usually do for house communions. Best done in advance at a previous celebration, and then communicate from the Reserved Sacrament (depending on your theology!) I warned our parishes about 6 weeks ago that this was likely to happen. I also circulated in our Deanery the website address for the "Faith Communities & Pandemic Flu" advice document about Avian Flu, most of which is relevant to Swine Flu. I sent it to the Diocesan Office with the suggestion they might like to circulate it to all clergy in the Diocese. They ignored me and have never passed the address on.

So, for anyone who is interested, the pdf document can still be downloaded from here.

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