Tuesday, 14 July 2009

That should lose a few lbs

An energetic day.

An early morning start to take the car into Norwich for its first service - delayed by the discovery of a flat rear tyre. Emergency wheel put on by someone far younger than I and consequently a more sedate drive than usual to the city. Then walked from the garage down to the gym at Riverside - this took 40 minutes, so I reckoned that I had done my main shift on the treadmill for the day. Then spent 80 minutes or so in the gym before leaving my bag in the locker and walking up into the city centre. Haircut, a visit to HMV to browse the Sale DVDs, and a double espresso and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich in Costa. Then another 40 minute walk back to collect the car, through increasing rain and a thunderstorm for the first half of the journey, then sunshine for the second half, which meant I had almost dried out by the time I got to the garage. Had to purchase pair of new tyres as the punctured one could not be repaired. Then drove the car back to the gym to collect my bag and decided to go for a swim before leaving. Several lengths and than a short session in the sauna, then the drive home.

If I keep this up I might regain a waist!