Monday, 20 July 2009

So, it's going to be one of those months ...

It didn't start off well, but we'll let that one go for the moment.

Then last week there was the flat tyre as I was taking the car in for its service ... a pair of new tyres needed.

My telephone line has been playing up for the last fortnight - it sounds as if I'm standing in a empty swimming pool, and the fault appears to be on the internal wiring in the house, not the main telephone line. £115 call out fee for the technician at the end of the month, and then another £55 or so for a new extension line.

Today my scanner stopped working - no sign of life in it when it's plugged into the mains. Have tried it with another transformer, still dead. Need a new one of those then.

That's three things ...

Just as well there was a slight tax bonus on my stipend pay this month. It's all gone, and then some.

Ho hum.


  1. It does seem to go like this, doesn't it?

    Occasionally I've built websites on the side for a little extra money. I built a website for a small local business a few years ago and was absolutely thrilled to be paid $400. I literally had just received the check when my dishwasher went out. The cost of replacement? $395. I looked up toward heaven and said, "Thank you... but I suppose you think this is funny?"

  2. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away .....

    Sod it - I'm off to the gym this morning to pummel this body into submission! Then I'll look for a scanner.

  3. It would be a hell of a long way to drive twice a week for the gym!

    Anyway, new scanner plugged in, software loaded, and it seems to be working. Now I have got to become familiar with its little ways .....

  4. Scanners and cars don't break down in Yorkshire? I'm ordering the removal van straight away!