Thursday, 23 July 2009

A wonderful sight

The restored Vulcan bomber has just flown overhead on its way to the Lowestoft Airshow. Beautiful aeroplane. One advantage of living here is that we quite often get our own private fly-past for this Show and also the big London events.


  1. Not that I want to worry you, but ... where did it drop the bomb?

  2. One of Grandpère fondest memories is of visiting the air force base in England where the B-17s from WWII are mothballed and being able to climb in and sit in the pilot seat. The base, whose name I can't remember, was one of those used to fly the missions to bomb Germany.

  3. We have the "Bungay Buckeroos" airfield in the parish of Flixton from where B17's flew missions. The church has a memorial display cabinet, photos of the airfield "then and now", and entrance gates presented by the veterans.