Saturday, 9 August 2008

Back to the Fifties

I don’t believe in calling any day “nasty” or “rotten” whatever the weather, because any day you wake up with the breath of life still in your nostrils has got to be a “good” day … but today’s weather has been somewhat vile - rain and wind making it feel more like November rather than the high summer of August.

So, in need of something warming, tonight’s repast was a portion of turkey stew, made with button mushrooms and baby courgettes, served with new potatoes and carrots, and two dollops of Moutarde de Meaux grain mustard.

I certainly needed to eat something as this afternoon I was offered two glasses of bubbly on an empty stomach at the 50th birthday celebration of a person in the village. In fact, most of the village seemed to be there, dressed in 1950’s style clothing, ranging from French tart to American cheerleader – those were the ladies, I hasten to add. The gentlemen sported lots of leather or pink jackets, and Brylcreem quiffs.

I took a quick look at the Internet images for inspiration, and then donned black trousers, white shirt, striped tie, grey V-neck pullover, and black jacket. The party scene was enlivened by two young things standing the in the hall intent on exploring each others tonsils every few minutes.

Ah … youth ….

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