Saturday, 23 August 2008


Re-creation 1
A pork fillet, cut into strips, and fried off in a dessertspoon of vegetable oil until it was caramelising on the bottom of the pan - some boiled new potatoes and sliced carrots - and the left-over "chicory au gratin" from last night .... put the cooked pork into the chicory dish and heat through, gently stirring so that the cheese sauce covers the meat, then serve. Another glass of Hoegaarden to accompany.

A small portion is left for the Feast of St Bartholomew tomorrow. With these meals it should really be a fast not a feast!

Re-creation 2
I came across this book cover whilst idly browsing

and felt that the title should be changed ....

... to which of course the traditional answer is:

"Nae, it's aal in purfec' wokin' auder!"

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  1. The meal sounds delicious, but as for the disgraceful behaviour of the one in the skirt....

    Clearly not enough Colemans powder in the cheese sauce!