Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Images from the past

For the last three weeks or so I've been busily scanning a collection of stereoscopic photographs belonging to a clerical friend (with whom I trained), so that he can not only view them with ease on his computer, but also have family images for his own archive.

They're a motley assortment of scenes - a stack of home-produced shots of family events and holidays, and then some part-series of the well-known "Underwood and Underwood" slides, notably the Boer War, "Music without Words" (married life!), other domestic scenes, and views of turn of the (19th/20th) century United States.

I've also put some of them into movie presentations, which I might upload to "YouTube" for wider enjoyment.

I've quite enjoyed doing this, and as he is due this evening to stay for a couple of days, I need to do the last dozen or so before he arrives!


  1. Brilliant! Quite brilliant, and many simply crying out for captionning!! (Let the reader understand)

    Two questions: (1) What technique do you use to scan stereoscopic photographs, and (2) Do I know this priest?

  2. Answer 1: No secret - I just choose the best of the two views, regarding contrast, positioning etc, and scan that one as a single image. On a few I have been able to expand the image by cloning the wider edge from one image onto the other.
    Answer 2: Yes ... with the initials DF.

  3. Ah, Fr. F. Lost touch with him. Lovely man, and excellent priest!