Saturday, 30 August 2008

Going bats

Now, especially for those people who think bats in churches are lovely, and that the little darlings should continue to be protected against all threats, here are a few images from the interior of one of my rural churches of the evidence that had to be cleared up before the Sunday morning service (the church was cleaned the day before!).

Of course, the bat lovers don't come to the church services. They admire from afar.


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  3. I love bats and I'd come just to prove that some church goers are bat lovers too - and I'd help you clean up - but I live too far away.

    No bloody use then!

  4. Okay DP - bit of a generalisation there, declaring that bat-lovers don't come to church.

    The problem isn't just the solid droppings, its the urine that stains the woodwork and destroys the surface on the ceramic floor tiles. And it just isn't possible to cover everything in plastic or sheets.

  5. Round them all up and ship them off to the non-church-attending bat-lovers, I say! :)

    The Broken Man