Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wok on, Tommy

Tonight the electric wok came out, and into it went some chopped onion, followed by strips of beef, then some left-over ratatouille, and finally half a jar of Hoi Sin & Plum sauce. Served with some plain boiled rice, it was a speedy, fragrant and tasty supper.


  1. Electric wok? What is this world coming to? ;-)

  2. Needs must, mon ami. You try using a normal wok on an electric hob - it doesn't work! On the old gas stove two vicarages ago it was wonderful - flames and smoke and a rattle of steel - but on an electric ring - zilch, nada, zero.

    And anyway, the electric wok is also non-stick, and so easy to clean afterwards.

  3. Cute title!!!!

    I've started to use a wok often recently (a non-electric one that goes on the gas stove) - maybe I'll take a picture of my next wok meal:)