Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Monday

Regular bloggers such as OCICBW may be away for the day, but others of us are still here at the interface.

The day started grey and cool over here in "The Saints", but from early afternoon it has turned into hot brilliant sunshine and cloudless blue skies. All in all a very untypical English Bank Holiday Monday.

One activity I have held to be traditional on such a day is the watching of a good movie on television. In my youth (and in black and white!) it used to be "Disneytime" with extracts from Walt's greatest movies. However, that show disappeared from our screens a long time ago, and so I have to come up with my own filmatic amusement, as what is being broadcast today is fairly trite. So at lunchtime I slide my dvd of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" into the player and sat down with a cup of coffe and a small dish of cheese biscuits and cubed cheddar cheese, and snacked my way through the story. I only pressed "fast-forward" during one song, and thoroughly enjoyed it. With Dick van Dyck, Gert Frobe and Benny Hill, what could go wrong?

And there was even the wonderful Stanley Unwin - "super performance-lode in partiful character" - as he might have said.

The sun is now over the yard-arm (somewhere in the world, anyway), so I think it's time to fill a glass with something pleasant.


  1. I take it that you're an irregular blogger, then.

    Did you go out and say, "The sun! The sun! There's the sun!"

  2. I'd be much more regular if I ate the right foods......