Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Down to the coast

Later on Sunday afternoon I drove down to the south coast for a get-together on Monday with the ex-Off-Licence crew with whom I used to work (in another lifetime!). As posted before on this blog, I usually break my journey for a meal at "The Ship" pub near Ringmer, but this time I drove a mile further south and stopped off at "The Cock", where a small menu selection was on offer!

At just before 9.00 p.m. I had an excellent "pub standard" of scampi, chips and peas. Great nosh for late evening, washed down with two glasses of fruit juice.

Monday, and a barbecue in the sunshine at a friend's home in Worthing. Good food, a never-ending supply of cool Pims, and a nice selection of desserts, plus a birthday cake for me! Another year older ... but who's counting?

The sight of the South Downs always make me feel happy. (And I took this photo whilst ridng in the back seat of a car, which explains why the fence posts are all leaning. They were actually upright, but it's the speed of travel that has made them appear as if they are all at an angle!)

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