Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lammas Sunday

After the monthly Coffee Morning this morning which raised £90, I spent the afternoon cooking in preparation for the Lammas Sunday "Bread & Cheese Lunch" which I am hosting tomorrow - a simple lunch of different breads, a selection of cheese and some pickle, and coffee or tea. On the sideboard are some granary plait loaves, a large parmesan and sun-dried tomato loaf, and a rosemary and foccacia loaf, all made and baked today. There are a dozen or so cheeses, some of my brother's "lively" pickled onions, and some rhubarb chutney. There will be a jug of elderflower cordial made from the blossom on the tree in my garden.

A proper Lammas marking the start of the harvest and giving thanks to God whatever its outcome, rather than the new-age development of the Celtic/druidic sabbat.

Quite ironic that as we celebrate the new loaf, the directions from our Bishop say that we should be only offering communion in one element due to swine flu. I haven't yet decided whether to follow this directive, or to use the bread which we usually have at the particular church where the service is being held tomorrow, and the chalice. I will see how the Spirit moves.

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