Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday off

Well, I didn't paint the bathroom yesterday - I made a beef moussaka instead, and very nice it was too! Two portions left over and now in the freezer.

But now it's Monday, and this morning I HAVE painted the bathroom. Taking off the wall cabinet I found that it hadn't been removed when the room was last decorated (just before I moved in 8 years ago), and there was a vile pink oblong underneath. Neither had the painters taken down the towel rail, so that was all covered in old paint at both ends.

Why do decorators do this? It's sloppy and bad craftsmanship. Mind you, that bunch of cowboy builders were sacked by the Diocese after my experiences with them. They were crap. A one-armed blind chimpanzee could have done a better job than they did. As an example ... who the hell drills holes through the shelf in the cupboard under the kitchen sink in order to fit the pipes through it? Last Wednesday the plumber who came in to fix the hot tap had to carve great lumps out of the shelf with a keyhole saw in order to remove it and gain access.


  1. Why do decorators do this? It's sloppy and bad craftsmanship.

    I can't say. Some folks don't care about doing a decent job. I have work to be done in my house, but I don't have it done, because of the disruption and for fear of shoddy workmanship. By the time I pass on, my house will be decorated in late Miss Haversham style.

  2. I don't know how you stand the excitement!

  3. DP - it's the minutiae of life that keeps me going. The jot and the tittle ...

  4. The Association of One-armed Blind Chimpanzee Painters called. They are extremely upset that you have not called in their services after such a ringing endorsement, especially in these tough economic times. Bananas don't grow on trees, you know.

    Er, rather...

  5. I didn't call them as I haven't got a one-armed blind chimpanzee that needs painting ....