Friday, 14 August 2009

Living on an island

At least, that's what it looks like from above. Photo of our village from Google Earth.


  1. Lovely image of a compact community. Bet you could spin a tale or two in the course of a quick walkabout. The joys of Google Earth. A year or so back, as a substantial hurricane aimed to make landfall just south of Grandmère Mimi's hometown of Thibodaux, I checked the town on G Earth. To my amazement the field system of this and other South LA towns is entirely and vividly the strip field system of the English feudal middle ages, brought to both regions from France. In England it survives only at Laxton, near Mansfield; in Sn Louisiana, as in parts of France, it is the norm. I strongly recommend checking out Thibodaux on Google Earth for the visual impact of the aerial view.

  2. Lapin - there are remnants of the strip field system here in our rural setting ... I shall browse on Google Earth once maore and see if I can pick it up, and if so, I'll post it.