Monday, 25 January 2010

Be Prepared

The British NHS comes in for a lot of criticism over waiting times not only for operations but also for appointments. However, things appear to be improving. In the post today was a letter from the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital telling me that an appointment has been booked for me to have an eye check-up at the Glaucoma Clinic on Tuesday 22nd February ...... 2011.

At least I don't have to wait to make the appointment - I just have to remember to keep it - it only gives me 13 months to get ready.


  1. Not the first, no ... usually it takes place at the Opticians as part of the annual sight test, but since I lost sight in the bottom inner quadrant of my left eye a couple of years ago, they like to do a full check. Apparantly I have thicker lenses than usual, and that distorts the readings so that the optician thinks I have a problem. I don't .... yet?

    My father had glaucoma, so I get a free check-up on the NHS. Anyway, I'm quite relaxed about the gradual deterioration of the physical frame.

  2. "thicker lenses"??? the lenses in your eye? Surely they aren't looking through your glasses, eh?
    So you will be seeing an MD, then? We have what are called Optometrists who check our eyes. They are not MDs. Opticians make the lenses for our specs. We only see the Opthamologists(who are MDs) when we have glaucoma, cateracts, or other problems with retinas, etc.

  3. Specialist Dr, yes; and lenses of the eys, yes. Should have made that more clear. No problems, but the NHS likes to keep tabs on what's happenning. It was the opticians who referred me last year after the sight test as they kept getting slightly high pressure readings from both eyes. The Hospital diagnosed thicker lenses of the eyes which were giving the elevated readings. No pressure problems at all. So it's simply a check-up.