Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More financial matters

This morning an e-mail from the INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT DEPARTMENT of the OCEANIC BANK INFORMS ME THAT my loan was approved two days ago.
Another loan approved? I AM popular!

The Hon. Ndudi Elumelu says "Thanks again".
My pleasure. What?

Awah Damaru tells me to read my "URGENT NOTIFICATION"
Naff off.

and my Online Bank Account with ABBEY NATIONAL PLC is about to expire.
Oh dear - I'll contact the Funeral Director.

I don't open these mails, but they do start the morning with a smile.


  1. Goodness, think how rich you could be if only you supplied them with all your bank account numbers!

  2. The problem is I don't know which account to tell them about. Do I use my domestic one? My Personal Savings one? My offshore one? My secret Swiss one? And which currency? Euro, Pesos? Rands?

    It's all too complicated.

    (I wish)