Saturday, 9 January 2010

Decisions, decisions ...

Another two inches of snow overnight, and the Met Office is warning of further heavy snowfall tonight. I'm starting to wonder about possibly cancelling tomorrow's services. The rota is for a 9.45 Eucharist at Ilketshall St Lawrence, (where everyone has to travel to get to the church as it sits a mile or more outside it's community), and an 11.15 Holy Communion at Homersfield where, whilst some of the regular congregation are from the village (3?) the rest also travel, as do I to both.

In this Benefice area it's not as if it's the local residents who make up our Sunday attendance. It is drawn from right across our 13 communities, meaning most drive to the churches. If what is predicted actually arrives, the roads tomorrow will not be good. Although the gritting lorry has made its way down our particular road, other small roads in "The Saints" have not been touched.

It's really a question of "wait and see", unlike my colleague in Long Island, NY, where he could look at the snow warnings and act with confidence some 24 hours in advance of the blizzards. This part of East Anglia often escapes the worst of the forecasts, but this stuff is slamming into us straight across the North Sea from the Russian Steppes!

Watch this space!

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