Thursday, 24 April 2008

Almost there

Another Annual Meeting tonight, and then one more tomorrow evening, and that's it for this year! I've not matched my record of 11.5 minutes set last year for both the Annual Meeting of parishioners and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, but last night was close.

In small rural parishes such as these where so many of the few people wear several hats, and no-one from the communities attend the meetings, we can zip through the formalities with the minimum of fuss. And since it's just members of the PCC who are there, we never have any business to refer to the PCC for discussion. The Minutes of last year's AGM are now received by the PCC at the normal meeting following and agreed as accurate then, so 12 months later we simply have to adopt them rather than read them all through again and ask the stupid question, "Are they an accurate record?" - as if anyone can remember 12 months on!

I just wish I could get someone to stand as churchwarden at one of our parishes. It's been difficult without one for a year as the Diocese machinery cannot cope with such a vacancy. The AGM for that particular parish is tommorrow. Perhaps God will work a small miracle for us ....


  1. Prayers are being sent. How about a persuasive delegation? (Italian)

  2. Well, and did you get a church warden, SR?

  3. Unfortunately no churchwarden nominations were made for this particular parish, so another year of limited support from, and of neccessity to, them.