Monday, 7 April 2008

More ice and snow

Found another picture of Ben lawers on the web which shows how it was the day I climbed it back in the days when I was more fit and less fat! Slippery underfoot, but the view from the top was worth it.

But then the roads round here were somewhat icy last night, and this morning this was the evidence less than half a mile down the narrow road from the village. No idea yet as to the owner of the car, nor the reason for the accident, though the tyre tracks across the grass seem to indicate that they didn't manage the turn and just went straight off the edge. And the ditches round here are rather deep!

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  1. Hi, SR. I believe we've crossed paths at other blogs. I hope no one was injured in the slide into the ditch.

    How on earth do you manage 11 rural churches? I'm reminded of the circuit rider preachers in the US.

    When our children were growing up, we did a bit of mountain climbing - nothing truly difficult - and we all enjoyed it. It's a fine family activity when there's not a lot of money, since it's free. Well, not entirely free, because we had to get there first.