Thursday, 10 April 2008

The morning after

Having slept on it, I think what bugs me most about last night is that the person who raised the question whether or not this was trying to get them to agree to the homosexual agenda "by the back door" has so little belief in my integrity that they think I would try and sneak it past them in this way.

But then, the issue is not about my personal feelings - it's far greater than that. As I said to someone over our informal breakfast after this morning's mid-week Eucharist, if the Church of England does go down the path of rejecting difference and signs up for a Covenant that demands conformity in belief and practice, then I shall have to carefully consider if I can stay within it. I've sat on the fence over this issue for over 20 years, and it's starting to get uncomfortable.

Quite an appropriate day for such thoughts - the Lesser festival of William Law, the author of "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life" and non-Juror.


  1. Look out for an announcement from the Lutheran Church in Great Britain in the Autumn. You can always come and join us.

  2. It is a dilemma, and even though my thoughts, theology and pastoral praxis regarding sexual orientation are quite clear (certainly within my parish - but then I have had over 20 openly gay parishioners come and go over the past years, and there are others who ...) I still rankle at, for want of a better term, "corporate orthodoxy."

    I cannot think of anything so un-Christian and un-Anglican. The very idea of a homogenous Church of England/Episcopal Church USA/Insert Your Province Here fills me with deep sadness, and is not the Church into which I was ordained a priest twenty years ago.

    Of course the heavy handed use of the doctrinal sledgehammer can be wielded by both conservative and liberal, both traditionalist and reformist alike. Unless one accepts the official line on gay priests and bishops, the role of women's ministry, the definitive practice of Confirmation and various other diktats, as well as spend numerous days each year at workshops being told all about racism, gender discrimination and inclusive scripture, then, boyo, don't expect to move on from your present incumbency.

    It's all rather depressing. I used to enjoy being truly diverse without someone telling me I had to be.

    Ah well - just ten more years!

  3. As the day draws to a close I am a little more clear on my strategy, and less annoyed. Just another day at the office.