Saturday, 12 April 2008

He sends forth his lightnings

A fine day, until late afternoon when a large thunderstorm and accompanying hail moved in from the west.


  1. Yes - perfect spring weather. We had the storms but none of the hail!

  2. Oh, you Southerners: a bit of rain and you just whine on and on.

    Let me tell you about RAIN!!!........

  3. DP .... I thought you were supposed to be away on an anniversary weekend? If so, why are you logging in to these ramblings? Or shouldn't I ask?

    And as for "whining southerners" .... I spent 3 years in the wilds of Northumberland and Cumbria when I did my teacher training, and I've walked the hills of Glencoe when the rain was horizontal ... and was very glad to get back to the pub aftwards!

  4. O.K. I see you've served your time!

    We were away and then we came home - and very nice Whitby was too.