Monday, 28 April 2008

Rogation Day (Monday)

There are times when the beauty of the Creation hits you between the eyes. I've been sitting at my desk compiling the hymn lists for the Sunday services through 'til June. I got up to make a mug of coffee and looked out of the kitchen window. I had to go and get my camera, as the colours just took my breath away ...


  1. I went to an Orthodox church, so I'm still doing Easter.

  2. Church of England also still in the Easter season - but Rogation Sunday is also Easter 6. Then we get Sunday After the Ascension which is Easter 7, before fire (and brimstone?) rains down at Pentecost - Whitsun - whatever ....

  3. Well, thank you, SR. You've just added another sin to my, already extremely long, list of sins - coveting my neighbour's vicarage garden.

  4. Dear MP, everything looks better in sunshine, but the picture doesn't show the bare patch where the moss has just been scarified, nor the weeds that grow across the lawn, nor the brambles, nettles etc. Nor does it show the cost of having a gardner every fortnight! But the result is worth the expense.

    I feel sorry for my neighbours who have to put up with exclamations and expletives when friends come for the weekend and we go out and play croquet!

    P.S. You manifold sins are forgiven.