Friday, 25 July 2008

Back to the stove

This afternoon was spent cooking up my latest batch of 3-fruit marmalade with a dash (or 2) of Glenfiddich malt whisky. I've had to start making one and a half times the recipe since if I just make the standard 8 jars they all sell out at the monthly Coffee morning and I have none left for myself! Another fine set this time!

Then this evening it was sliced pork fillet, pan-fried and served with carrots and new potatoes in minted butter, and several large spoonsful of apple sauce. I shouldn't really have eaten all the meat, but I did! However, there are 3 potatoes left for tomorrow.

Today was also the second and last day of the Lowestoft Air Show. In previous years a lot of the aircraft have flown over the village on their way to the coast, and I have had my own private Show from the garden. This time, though, flight-paths must have been chnaged, for very few planes have come over. However, as I was stirring the marmalade I heard a load engine roar, and went out and saw the last air-worthy Vulcan bomber at quite a low altitude, making its way across to give its display. Only just restored, this is a sight that I'm glad to have seen.

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