Saturday, 5 July 2008

Good Night

When Grandmere Mimi recently wrote about watching the film "Good Night and Good Luck", I looked it up in the Internet Movie Database. What I read made me want to watch it, so I ordered it, and tonight I sat and watched the DVD.

A compelling telling of Ed Murrow's CBS News broadcasts questioning the 1950's campaign by Junior Senator McCarthy to root out communist members and sympathisers from all walks of life.

As I put the disc back into its case and made myself a mug of coffee, the film began to resonate with the current problems facing the Anglican Communion. Murrow comments that anyone who dared question McCarthy's actions would be labelled a communist or communist sympathiser. Elsewhere in the blogging world today is the report that Archbishop Akinola has described the Jordanian refusal to allow him entry into their country for the pre-GAFCON meeting, as "satanic". By implication therefore, anyone who challenges his version of the Anglican church, is working for the dark side.

Ed Morrow had the courage to make a stand against what he perceived to be an assault on the liberties and justice of his nation. We in the Church of England may soon be called upon to make a similar stand, to preserve our heritage of freedom to think and debate and argue about our theology, our biblical interpretation, the way in which we worship, and our openness to hold our faith in common with those with whom we disagree. When that day comes, may Ed Murrow's actions be an inspiration to us.

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