Monday, 21 July 2008


Now I know the week begins on Sunday, but for me that is always the culmination of the previous week's preparations, and so Monday is the time to look ahead, which means that mentally, if not theologically, I see today as the beginning of another week.

My morning has been spent writing my Sunday sermons - two of them this week as one of our churches is celebrating its Patronal of St. James, albeit a couple of days late. This means that I can't preach my St. James sermon at the next service in a church dedicated to the BVM. So it will be a BOGOF Sunday, and barring any major world crisis or developments from lambeth, the texts are done and put into the folder. The hymns were chosen some weeks back, and all I now have to do is let the organists know.

Now I can turn my attention to other parish work - mainly admin, but I shall also get out and about. I have a wedding interview this evening, A PCC meeting Wednesday afternoon and a Benefice Staff meeting in the evening, a Health & Safety Inspection by the local Council at one of the churches on Thursday morning, and another PCC in the evening, and then there's a lull on Friday before (another) parish Strawberry Tea on Saturday afternoon!

It's also the Lowestoft Air Show this coming Thursday and Friday. I'm often on the flight path as the planes head out to the coast, and so in the past I have had my own private air show as they fly over. We'll see how many go over this year.

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