Thursday, 24 July 2008

Now here's a thought ...

Perhaps I should do a series of posts on Prepared Meals and how they actually turn out, and compare my results with the image on the package.

To start the microwave turntable spinning, here's tonight's dish, "Beef in Ale with Crushed Potatoes" from Morrisons "Natural Choice" range, priced at £2.99. No package image though.

Actually, it was very tasty, and it only took 7 minutes to get it hot and steaming onto the plate. Maybe a little "wet", but it was full of flavour, had some chunks of meat in with the good selection of veg - mange-tout, broccoli, carrots, (swede?) -with the "crushed" new potatoes done with minted butter. It all had a bit of a "home-cooked" taste.

Just wasn't really enough of it .....


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